Largest Library In Bishkek Spreads Calm With The Way To Happiness DVD


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


May 31, 2167


Preparing for a seminar on The Way to Happiness.
Since receiving The Way to Happiness DVD, Rosa Sultangazieva, director of the largest library in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, has shown its precepts to hundreds of students, teachers and children throughout her library network.

She finds that the film and its message dovetail perfectly with the institution's overall purpose. “The mission of our library consists of maintaining interest in reading and education, assisting in the continuous education of the younger generation, and developing the special programs for the various activities of the library,” says Sultangazieva.

Managing all children and youth libraries in the Kyrgyz Republic, the library develops and uses programs to educate children in a variety of fields: art, music, drug prevention, tolerance, human rights and preserving the environment. Throughout the year the library organizes over 600 events, including interviews, lectures, reviews, musical and creative evenings, workshops and seminars.

A lecture on The Way to Happiness teaches children the precepts of the book.
The Way to Happiness DVD has become a very useful resource for the library. We use it mainly for holding classes in the School of Etiquette, Environmental Program, and the School of Tolerance,” says Sultangazieva. “Since we received this film, we held over 40 events involving students of vocational schools, colleges and universities.

“We will continue to hold events and classes using these materials….Thank you very much for this very needed and important film that helps the library to carry out its mission.”